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Are you sitting for more than 5 hours a day?

It could be taking years off your life. For a V-Shaped Aesthetic, Bulletproof Back do this:

Todays hustle culture and use of technology means 1000s of people are sitting for hours everyday. Without the appropriate management, spending hours in a chair can cause all kinds of damage to your body, and even shorten your lifespan! A lack of awareness is the biggest issue, there are a number of health concerns when sitting for long periods:

• Cancer

• Obesity

• Excess body fat

• High blood sugar

• Chronic Back Pain

• Sciatica (nerve pain)

• Cardiovascular disease

• Increased blood pressure

• Unhealthy cholesterol levels

1. Pull Ups: Get a muscular, strong and wide aesthetic back! Develops your: - Back - Traps - Shoulders - Biceps - Core - Forearms Use a full range of motion *jump up and do slow negatives if too hard 2. Chest-Supported T-Bar Row A stronger back for long day seated

• Better Posture

• Increased Strength

• Stronger Upper Back

• Better Core Stability

• Increased Core Strength

• Improved Muscular Balance

• Better and Thicker Muscle Definition

3. Romanian Deadlift: Strengthen: - Hamstrings - Glutes - Lower back muscles Improve your posture and help prevent lower back pain They also develop a muscular and powerful back for strong V Shape aesthetics!

Save your back! Put these together in this 40-minute workout to prevent yourself from being put at risk of long-term health issues from sitting! Do this 1-2x week

Want to improve your back and physique even more? - Each high protein - Drink 3-4L of water/day - Eat nutrient-dense foods - Sleep 7-8 hours/day It is not as hard as you think!

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