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On the fitness front, TSF specializes in what T.Skinner have dubbed “unconventional training”—employing equipment and methods that aren’t often found in the typical commercial gym. While they may be new to you, many of these unconventional training ideas have been around for centuries, and were practiced by warriors from ancient Greece, Rome, and Persia. Be Functional.


The Space:

We have 900sq metres of clear floor space for movement, mats or group work with full length mirrors, windows and high ceilings.

Equipment Available:

Steel Clubs 2 - 12kg

Steel Mace 2-10kg

Dumbbells- 1-25kg

Cable machines (dual and single arm Freemotion)

Mobile Power rack (-variety of bars, approx 120kg of plates)

Indoor Calisthenics Park

TRX (2)

Medicine Balls (4 -12 kg)

Balance boards BOSU (2x)

Kettle bells (2-24kg. 17x)

Resistance bands

Reaction balls

Stability balls

Punch bag 

Yoga Mats

Foam Rollers

Water Resistance rowing machine

Assault Treadmill 

Boxing Gloves

Weight Belt

Skipping Ropes

Battle Rope

Steps Cones

Massage Table


Massage Gun 


Posture Gird
Ice Bath 
Red Light Penal Therapy ( additional cost ) 

TSFstudio's Unconventional Training / Functional Biomechanical Training for optimal performance (PT)

TSFstudio's unconventional tools—including but not limited to the kettlebell, steel mace, steel club, battle ropes, and sandbag—challenge the body in unique ways, helping to improve total-body stability and core strength, as well as rev up the metabolism.
Unconventional training can serve as a supplement to—and sometimes even a replacement for—barbells, dumbbells, and machines. It’s the heart of the training done at the TSF studio in Hong Kong, SAR,  which is becoming a destination for elite athletes and celebrities locally , goal is to achieve around the world.

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