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TSF studio is a Indoor Calisthenics park / Functional Space and we are welcome to all freelance trainers who need private and comfort studio space to help your clients in achieving their fitness goals.

Our studio provides a space that caters to your workout regimen with your clients. Fun yet Private.

Your clients will have access to the below amenities:

1. Lockers

2. Shower room

3. Free wifi

4. Access to all our gym equipment

 If you would like to know more about the rental details, contact us today.

Time Schedule : ( Message to Coordinate ) 

​Space Rental Rates:

Shared Space (max. 4 trainers) : 1 hour $275 Packages:

10 sessions $2,200

50 sessions $10,000


Group Studio 1 hour $680 Packages

10 sessions $5,800


Note: All sessions must be booked in advance. 

Direct Whatsapp us: 
+852 9389 9171

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