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Teowin 7.0 Full Gratis. glatera




full version? dr4c4n: yes and full version of xchat for linux too? cool thanks for your help lotuspsychje :) dr4c4n: no sweat dracnoc: you ever use linuxmce? dracnoc: I got it installed here, but I just wanna use the default /.xsession file with wmii I tried to follow this: and now my usr home folder is empty dr4c4n: we only support ubuntu here, as support for other software use the #ubuntu-offtopic channel oh ok btw, i tried it doesn't work i've set the startx command to wmii -b and it was working before but now when i try to log in it just restarts and login screen comes back yo guys can someone give me a hand i am having issues with my eth0 cant get it online lotuspsychje: I did what you suggested with setting the.xsession to the.xsession file i found in /home/david/MIRRORS/DEBIAN no matter iface or dhcp cant get it to connect it did not work it was still failing dr4c4n: try to do what Ntemis suggested how did you do that Ntemis?



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Teowin 7.0 Full Gratis. glatera

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